humanity…. lost somewhere!!!! :( :( :(


when we were kids we were taught to love others ! fraternity ,brotherhood , sympathy. empathy , alee  these words were world to us! in those days v used to hate ourselves for just hurting our fellows by our words even! but these days the coin has shuffled! these days when someone cares for others, people consider him as  : puppu: people today have economic thinkings rather social..! if ur company is profitable then :: oh hi  ,how r u , long time , i was missing u:: but if not ,then who cares :: give a damn to dat idiot::

last days i came across an incident! in which a guy named yayah waz killed cruelly! he waz a student of tenth standard and anyhow my neighbour too! his mum waz on tour to india! his friend asked him at 1 am to meet him out! he went and while having  a gupshup they both were shot to death! becz they were members oF ST!  when his mum stepped here , she waz heard miles for asking us to bring yayah back!

not just this thing . what happened with sarfraz who waz  also succumbed to death by policemen torture!same waz the case with mugheez and munneb , the brothers from sialkot who were put to death insanely by  our protecters (so called) for their revenge! i still remeber the words their mom .. :::  khuda ki amanat thi khuda ko gae 😦 :::

i dont know wat will be the end of all this! who wants to kill whom! who wants to be superior when we all r muslims! and we believe that sovereignty lies to HIM!

                                                    tmahari shir pasandi c jalay hain kitnay ghar

                                                      katay hain kitnay sir magar tmhay ahsaas kia hoga

                                                     bahaloo khoon sarkoo per magr itna to soochoo

                                                      jb yeh deen khoon mangay ga tmharay pass kia hoga!



  1. Misbah said,

    April 30, 2012 at 10:19 am

    nice words mis. roa

  2. Sheba said,

    May 1, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    Miss rao*

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